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  • Snaffle Bits - Robinsons Equestrian

    Browse our extensive range of equestrian supplies and clothing. Delivery to your door within 4-5 days!

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  • Bit - definition of bit by The Free Dictionary

    Define bit. bit synonyms, bit pronunciation, bit translation, English dictionary definition of bit. n. 1. A small portion, degree, or amount: a bit of lint; a bit of luck.

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  • Jointed Snaffle - The Bit Guide: Horse Bits and Bitting - The ...

    A Rider's Guide to Horse Bits and Bitting. The single jointed snaffle is probably one of the most commonly used snaffle bits.

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  • Pelham bit - Wikipedia

    Mouthpiece. As with many other bits, a pelham may have a solid or a jointed mouthpiece. If solid, it may range from a nearly straight "Mullen" mouthpiece up to a medium port.

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  • The Bridle & the Bit - Sustainable Dressage

    All bridles I have ever seen have a crownpiece running across the back of the poll of the head and down on each side, to hold a bit or something replacing a bit.

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  • Curb bit - Wikipedia

    A curb bit is a type of bit used for riding horses that uses lever action. It includes the pelham bit and the Weymouth curb along with the traditional "curb bit" used mainly by Western riders.

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  • Home - The Bit Guide: Horse Bits and Bitting - The Bit Guide

    A Rider's Guide to Horse Bits and Bitting. The Bit Guide is a resource for all equestrian enthusiasts looking for information about horse bits and horse bitting issues.

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